Sunday, 22 January 2012

What is a woman?

I've decided to think of all the words that describe the different roles in a woman's life.  If I've missed something out as I'm sure I have, please feel free to comment:

Employer, Driver, Washer, First Aider, Scholar, Cleaner, Domestic Goddess, Female, Mother, Nurse, Protector, Friend, Activist, Mother in Law, Gatherer, Follower of Fashion, Writer, Widow, Reader, Accountant, Partner, Career Woman, Beautician, Caterer, Diary Manager, Womb, Daughter, 

Observer, Colleague, Handy woman, Wife, Carer, Employee, Tester, Communicator, Teacher, Grandmother, Sex Goddess, Sister, Business Woman, Hair Stylist, Secretary, Shopper, Aunt, Counsellor, Brain, Nutritionist, Entertainer, Individual, Gardener, Blogger, Stranger, Specialist,  Feminist, Economist, Homemaker, Bill Payer, Boss, Cook, Historian, Daughter in Law, Lover, Pensioner, Budget Manager, Seamstress, Politician, Yummy Mummy.....

When you look at it like this, its no wonder we are so busy!

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