Sunday, 29 January 2012

Living together vs marriage

Interesting conversation came up this week, which made me wonder has living with a person instead of marriage been a good thing for women??

I'm one of the statistics, that something like one in five marriages end in divorce these days.  Having made my vows once, I have for a long time considered my self of in the camp for people not going up the aisle again. 

This week I got talking to a very elderly lady who couldn't understand living with someone before marriage.  One of the points that came up was sacrifice for the relationship and the sacrifices made are often from the woman in relation to careers and children.  If we are going to have families, the family must come first.  A women will often take maternity leave, she may leave the workforce for a while to raise her children, so she makes a sacrifice to her career for the family unit.  Whilst in this country it is established in law that we receive equal pay for equal work, we are still aware that the glass ceiling still exists.  If women sacrifice more for the family unit then what protection is there in case it all goes wrong.  

Monday, 23 January 2012

Thinking about Call the Midwife

Sunday night TV has been a little bit lacking for a long time, so its been great to see Sherlock and Call the Midwife on TV ( See BBC Iplayer episodes ).  I really enjoyed reading Call The Midwife by Jennifer Worth ,so was a little bit worried when they said they were going to make it into a series.  It has been a little bit twee, maybe they should have put it on after 9pm, as there is a limit to how graphic it can be before 9pm.  But discussing the pros and cons of production was not my plan on this blog.

I don't know if this book has got to the other side of the pond, so I will give a bit of background.  Call the Midwife, as you may have guessed, is Jennifer Worth's account of being a Midwife in the 1950s.  It is set in the poverty of London's East End, at a time of great change.  The old bombed out slums are slowly being replaced and it is the dawn of the NHS (National Health Service).  Jennifer is sent to Nonnatus House, a convent where the nuns and nurses cover eight square miles of London Dockland and shares in the ups and downs of the community.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

What is a woman?

I've decided to think of all the words that describe the different roles in a woman's life.  If I've missed something out as I'm sure I have, please feel free to comment:

Employer, Driver, Washer, First Aider, Scholar, Cleaner, Domestic Goddess, Female, Mother, Nurse, Protector, Friend, Activist, Mother in Law, Gatherer, Follower of Fashion, Writer, Widow, Reader, Accountant, Partner, Career Woman, Beautician, Caterer, Diary Manager, Womb, Daughter, 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Inspiring History- Helen Colijn

One of my aims in starting this blog was to highlight some of the people and events that really inspire me.  While speaking to a woman who was studying history at Uni I was surprised she had never heard of the SOE.  It got me thinking what other gems of history are being missed, especially history about women which seems to have completely missed by the Education system today.  We have so much great history that should inspire us, instead of what the chatter mags give us.  So as a start to re-address this omission in our society I give you Helen Colijn and the women interned by the Japanese during the 2nd World War.

I have just recently finished reading Helen Colijns account Song of Survival - Women Interned , so it seemed like a good place to begin.  Helen's was one of the many women and children taken prisoner in South East Asia during the Second World War by the Japanese.  They were held for several years in camps not fit for human occupation often on starvation rations.  Japanese culture at the time looked down upon women and on enemy that had been captured.  So to be both made these women the lowest of the low in their culture. 

The Breast on my Desk

Yesterday, I arrived at work to find a breast on my desk, well not a real breast obviously, but a PIP implant. Now I'm not going to go into how it got there, but as I rolled it in my hand like a stress ball it did spark the question in me "WHY do this to yourself? Why stuff yourself with silicone?"

To give you some idea of where I am coming from on this, I think its good to start with my position on breasts.  I have got a healthy cleavage, sometimes a little to healthy, when I try to run without the aid of scaffolding to keep it all in place.  But God also balanced me out and gave me a rounded tummy - mine is not the wash board of a tummy that does 100 sit ups a day. 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Today's Woman - An Outsiders View

If an alien looked at out planet, what would they think of women today in this country???

So up in their space ship, they take a look at all those electronic signals floating around and type Woman into the world wide web.  First entry from Google (other search engines are availiable), Wikipedia; informing us that woman is a term usually reserved for a adult female and blurb on our history, biology etc. "Well that's a good start" thinks our little alien friend 

Friday, 13 January 2012

The Virgin Rambling Wee Lassie

Here it is, my first blog, so please excuse any blogging errors as I learn the ropes.  

So, what should be the first thing I discuss (as writers block starts to creep in).  Perhaps my reasons for starting a blog, set the scene, what do I want to achieve?  It may be the New Year or that someone gave me their old laptop (mine just went to laptop heaven) but I started to feel the need to do something more constructive.  I may also have been watching to many re-runs of Sex and the City and began to hear a Carrie Bradshaw voice in my head, commenting on daily occurrence's.  Now, lets get one thing straight, its been a while since I did any writing, so it may not be great, but they say practise makes perfect.