Sunday, 15 January 2012

Today's Woman - An Outsiders View

If an alien looked at out planet, what would they think of women today in this country???

So up in their space ship, they take a look at all those electronic signals floating around and type Woman into the world wide web.  First entry from Google (other search engines are availiable), Wikipedia; informing us that woman is a term usually reserved for a adult female and blurb on our history, biology etc. "Well that's a good start" thinks our little alien friend 

Our second entry refers to Woman magazine, "ah!" says our little alien friend "this should tell me more on the culture of these women and whats important to them". So, whats top of the page, Flu jabs, divorce, losing weight, beauty bargains and a problem relationship with Mum.  "Is this really what a woman today is interested in?" says our little Alien friend.  "Perhaps I should look at what google tells me next" our alien thinks. The next two entries are video footage.  The first a woman is shorty shorts, the second, a lady with a very good body, which our alien friend finds useful for understanding anatomy.  

This leads our alien friend to consider what the normal look is for a woman.  So our alien finds the images button on google search and takes a look.  Twelve images come up on page one.  Four of which relate to a lady called Wonder Woman, who has found clothing gets in the way of jumping around (It is kind of amazing that her cleavage stays in).  The other woman are attractive, young, of a certain weight and no grey hair.  The largest lady (although no larger than me) is a painting, 'Portrait of a Woman' by Domenico Ghirlandaio.  There are three paintings/ drawing that feature on this page and I think they appear the least happiest of the women there.  'Woman with a Pearl' by Camille Corot shows a woman looking hauntingly out of the picture at the viewer. It is however, these paintings, that I suspect are alien is captured by most.

What have I learnt from our little alien friend?  Woman are the female of a species called human beings.  We are skinny, have great bottoms, are interested in our health, diets, looks and relationships.  However, for me it was the paintings that made me think that there is more to this story than the evidence google provides.   

So join the Rambling Wee Lassie as she takes a walk through life.

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