Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Breast on my Desk

Yesterday, I arrived at work to find a breast on my desk, well not a real breast obviously, but a PIP implant. Now I'm not going to go into how it got there, but as I rolled it in my hand like a stress ball it did spark the question in me "WHY do this to yourself? Why stuff yourself with silicone?"

To give you some idea of where I am coming from on this, I think its good to start with my position on breasts.  I have got a healthy cleavage, sometimes a little to healthy, when I try to run without the aid of scaffolding to keep it all in place.  But God also balanced me out and gave me a rounded tummy - mine is not the wash board of a tummy that does 100 sit ups a day. 

The other piece of background information I think I should give to this blog, for those on another plant (perhaps my alien friend from my last blog)  is that PIP implants have been all over the press lately.  Basically the people that make PIP implants filled theirs with industrial grade silicone which was not approved for being inside someones bodies.  No-one seems to have questioned at the time why PIP implants were the cheapest on the market and cost around £100 whilst better quality ones were being sold for around £600Note to self, if putting fake bits into body, go for the best quality I can get.

So, back to the question, why stuff yourself with silicone?  For me the only reason I can think of is in the case of reconstructive surgery.  If I had been through something traumatic such as breast cancer I may consider trying to restore my body to how it should look for a thirty-something lady.  For some people in this situation I can understand it is part of the healing process.

I don't understand it for cosmetic reasons.  How can you put yourself through surgery just to look better.  Lets not forget, surgery is not like just getting your hair cut, its a big deal, with plenty of risks.  We are beginning to develop an unhealthy relationship with cosmetic surgery in this country, it can be seen by some as the quick fix.  However we have to look at the root, what message are we receiving, that problem bodies should be fixed or I should be happy in the skin I am in.  I am reminded of Bridget Jones at this moment, when Mr Darcy tells her that he loves her just the way she is, but then I slap myself, why should Bridget Jones not be happy with herself, just the way she is. 

As a woman, I know my body is not at the society held gold standard and it does make me unconfident sometimes, I admit.  But who came up with the society gold standard, especially when it is not what the average woman actually looks like.

Perhaps we need to take a different view, not my body is imperfect lets fix it, but if my body is healthy, lets love it, just the way it is.

So please join the Rambling Wee Lassie (just the way she is) as she continues to take a walk through life.

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